Herbal Group of companies

  1. Shakumbhri Herbals Pvt Ltd has started Research & Development (R&D) on solid oral dosages and laboratories are in the process of developing advanced formulations. Well-qualified scientist from different fields like pharmaceutical sciences, microbiology, chemistry, and medical sciences are a part of the organization and are engaged in formulation development, stability testing, data generation and submission to drug regulatory authorities on national & international level.

  2. A formulation & development laboratories harbor stability chambers for stability test and analysis of finished formulations. Lifecare’s key objective of R &D initiative is to match pace with modern development on solid oral dosages and development of new drug formulations for existing products. Company has collaboration with renowned institutes such DSIR CERTFIED LABS to stay updated with scientific and advanced developments in pharmaceuticals.

  3. Formulation development laboratories are equipped with pilot size rapid mix grinder, fluid bed dryer, compression machine and different instruments such as HPLC, UV Visible spectrophotometers, , dissolution and disintegration test apparatus etc. for test and analysis of new formulations.

  4. we do small batch pilot study ,batch trials, cost effective formulation preprations